Mass Shootings

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
July 16, 2016CaliforniaBakersfield621 Stephens Drive114
September 23, 2017CaliforniaBakersfield818 Real Rd14
February 28, 2015MarylandBaltimore4300 block of Welbourne Road13
April 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore1900 block of West Lanvale Street05
May 16, 2015MarylandBaltimore1700 block of North Broadway05
May 20, 2015MarylandBaltimore800 block of Linwood Avenue13
July 7, 2015MarylandBaltimore900 block of West Fayette Street31
July 15, 2015MarylandBaltimore3500 block of West Garrison Boulevard13
August 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore2700 block of Garrison Avenue07
October 2, 2015MarylandBaltimore5400 Reisterstown Road14
October 6, 2015MarylandBaltimore300 block of North Payson Street05
November 21, 2015MarylandBaltimoreStricker and School13
December 11, 2015MarylandBaltimore5100 block of Park Heights Avenue13
June 22, 2013MarylandBaltimore700 block of N. Kenwood Avenue14
July 9, 2013MarylandBaltimore600 block of N. Carrollton Ave04
August 20, 2013MarylandBaltimore1200 block of S. Carey St22
January 23, 2013MarylandBaltimore1500 block of W. Fayette St.16
April 21, 2016MarylandBaltimore4800 block of Frankford Avenue04
May 30, 2016MarylandBaltimore500 block of East 43rd Street05
July 11, 2016MarylandBaltimore1800 block of W. North Avenue05
July 28, 2016MarylandBaltimoreGreenmount Avenue04
September 24, 2016MarylandBaltimoreGreenmount Avenue and Preston Street08
November 30, 2016MarylandBaltimore2901 Garrison Blvd24
December 11, 2016MarylandBaltimore3916 South Hanover Street05
June 13, 2017MarylandBaltimore3300 block of Ayrdale Avenue04