Unintentional Shootings

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 23, 2017South CarolinaAbbeville2101 Old Calhoun Falls Road10
January 16, 2017South CarolinaAikenRobinwood Drive01
April 21, 2017OhioAkron600 block of Fulmer Ave10
May 12, 2017OhioAkronN/A01
February 10, 2017New YorkAlbany700 N Manning Blvd01
March 13, 2017OregonAlbanyN/A01
January 3, 2017New MexicoAlbuquerque100 block of Cynthia Loop10
February 10, 2017New MexicoAlbuquerque5500 San Antonio Dr02
January 30, 2017PennsylvaniaAllentown500 Block of Park St01
February 3, 2017PennsylvaniaAllentown5th and Allen Streets01
March 5, 2017PennsylvaniaAllentownI 7801
March 2, 2017NebraskaAlmaN/A01
February 28, 2017ArkansasAlmyra200 N Maple St01
January 14, 2017TexasAlvin1900 block of W Sealy St01
April 17, 2017CaliforniaAntioch2201 Verne Roberts Circle01
May 12, 2017TennesseeAntiochCane Ridge Road01
January 30, 2017VirginiaArlingtonTerminal B/C00
April 5, 2017TexasArlington2400 block of Ascension Blvd02
April 8, 2017TexasArlington1700 block of Aberdeen Dr10
April 22, 2017IowaArlington90th St and W-5101
January 1, 2017AlabamaAthens16931 Buckskin Drive10
January 25, 2017GeorgiaAthensCedar Shoals Drive00
January 27, 2017GeorgiaAthensNorth Bluff Road01
January 26, 2017GeorgiaAthens390 Glenwood Dr01
February 7, 2017AlabamaAthens1101 US-3101