Unintentional Shootings

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
August 8, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosa2300 block of Crabtree Road01
March 13, 2014AlabamaPrattvilleUpper Kingston Road01
December 14, 2014AlabamaSmiths StationN/A01
January 1, 2014AlabamaHuntsville4300 block of Patton Road02
September 13, 2014AlabamaAlicevilleUpper Vienna Road10
March 16, 2014AlabamaHuntsville3200 block of Delicado Drive01
January 9, 2014AlabamaLimestone CountyRed Bird Lane10
September 13, 2014AlabamaPickens County (county)N/A10
March 1, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleBayreuth Drive01
January 26, 2014AlabamaVestavia Hills1800 block of Laurel Road 01
September 17, 2014AlabamaBirmingham2700 block of 35th Avenue North03
April 22, 2014AlabamaGadsdenCentre Road01
January 26, 2014AlabamaCrane Hill800 County Road 20210
February 7, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleCharlotte Drive 01
September 28, 2014AlabamaMontgomery1500 block of Jackson Ferry Road01
June 11, 2014AlabamaFoleyN/A01
February 13, 2014AlabamaBullock CountyN/A10
December 11, 2014AlabamaNew MarketShane Drive01
July 21, 2014AlabamaBirmingham5500 block of Avenue 001
February 17, 2014AlabamaValley1200 block of Hopewell Road 01
December 15, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosa550 Greensboro Avenue01
July 19, 2014AlabamaNorthportHighway 4301
March 5, 2014AlabamaMobile2600 block of Wealthy Street 10
December 31, 2014AlabamaMontgomery1700 block of Yarborough Street10
July 16, 2014AlabamaAnniston3900 block of Greenbrier Dear Road01