Defensive Use

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
April 8, 2017AlabamaMobile399 Azalea Road00
November 17, 2017AlabamaMontgomery100 block of West South Boulevard10
January 13, 2017AlabamaMontgomery (county)800 block of Hobbie Road00
June 29, 2017AlabamaMobile (Prichard)Timothy Avenue02
May 9, 2017AlabamaHartselle5601 Highway 31 S10
January 21, 2017AlabamaSemmes9892 Oakmont Ct10
July 16, 2017AlabamaDothan2500 block of Westgate Parkway10
May 24, 2017AlabamaGreensboro1221 Baptist Hill Road00
February 16, 2017AlabamaGordon1800 block of South County Road 8110
August 2, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1944 Pinson Valley Pkwy03
June 15, 2017AlabamaMontgomery4600 Park Towne Way21
February 28, 2017AlabamaFoley19924 Chestnut Dr10
August 3, 2017AlabamaBirmingham (Tarrant)Highway 7901
September 15, 2017AlabamaAdamsville200 block of Bayview Dr11
June 19, 2017AlabamaTheodore6128 Sperry Rd01
March 21, 2017AlabamaBirmingham5505 1st Ave N01
October 27, 2017AlabamaBirmingham4th Ct W02
June 19, 2017AlabamaMobileBay Road01
March 24, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1701 Edwards Lake Rd02
November 1, 2017AlabamaMobileOlive Court11
June 21, 2017AlabamaTheodore112000 Block of Thomas Rd04
April 4, 2017AlabamaBaileytonCR 175910
November 5, 2017AlabamaMobileInterstate 1010
June 28, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1349 Pike Rd01
April 10, 2017AlabamaBessemer3200 block of Dartmouth Ave11