Mass Shootings

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
April 2, 2017IllinoisChicago3500 block of West Van Buren Street24
April 7, 2017IllinoisChicago5600 block of W Lake St15
May 7, 2017IllinoisChicago2600 block of 46th Pl28
June 11, 2017IllinoisChicago3300 block of W Douglas Blvd09
June 17, 2017IllinoisChicago1 block of North Latrobe04
June 18, 2017IllinoisChicago3300 block of W Crystal St04
June 27, 2017IllinoisChicago200 block of S Lotus05
July 15, 2017IllinoisChicago12200 block of S Throop St04
July 23, 2017IllinoisChicago1500 block of East 82nd St13
July 27, 2017IllinoisChicago2000 block of E 71st St14
August 1, 2017IllinoisChicago800 block of N Monticello Ave04
August 8, 2017IllinoisChicago1 block of East 37th Street16
August 20, 2017IllinoisChicago11901 S Loomis St25
August 22, 2017IllinoisChicago300 block of N Central Ave04
September 2, 2017IllinoisChicago8300 block of S Hermitage13
September 6, 2017IllinoisChicago2700 block of Madison04
October 6, 2017IllinoisChicago8000 block of S Marshfield05
December 6, 2017IllinoisChicago4620 N Broadway04
January 22, 2017IllinoisChicago (Englewood)1800 block of W 63rd04
July 5, 2017IllinoisChicago (Roseland)11000 block of S Eberhart22
February 28, 2017OhioCincinnati1700 of Casey Drive06
March 26, 2017OhioCincinnati4601 Kellogg Ave215
July 8, 2017OhioCincinnati9917 Capstan Dr18
July 22, 2017OhioCincinnati130 E Clifton Ave05
October 23, 2017CaliforniaClearlake Oaks13000 block of Anchor Village22