Mass Shootings

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 8, 2017OhioCleveland16379 Euclid Ave14
February 20, 2017OhioCleveland1082 East 105th Street05
February 21, 2017OhioCleveland16700 Lorain Ave04
March 25, 2017OhioClevelandE 79th St and Woodland Ave22
March 26, 2017OhioClevelandE 75th St22
August 19, 2017OhioCleveland11143 Superior Ave14
November 24, 2017OhioCleveland11618 Buckeye Rd15
August 28, 2017New MexicoClovis701 N Main St24
February 7, 2017South CarolinaColumbia5500 block of Fairfield Road04
September 16, 2017South CarolinaColumbia920 Lady Street08
March 5, 2017GeorgiaColumbus600 block of 32nd Street04
April 16, 2017OhioColumbus1710 Cleveland Av09
June 17, 2017OhioColumbus6252 Busch Blvd14
November 16, 2017GeorgiaColumbus1400 block of 15th Street07
January 20, 2017MississippiComoSmart Road14
April 29, 2017CaliforniaCompton2000 Block of N Nestor Ave04
November 14, 2017CaliforniaCorning17357 Stagecoach Rd612
January 1, 2017TexasDallas9220 Skillman Street13
May 1, 2017TexasDallas3200 block of Reynolds Ave23
November 11, 2017TexasDallas2532 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd13
September 23, 2017IllinoisDanvilleSeminary St and Jackson St05
November 10, 2017OhioDayton (Trotwood)193 Olive Rd04
July 31, 2017IllinoisDecaturJasper St and Main St04
April 2, 2017IowaDes Moines2500 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway05
May 21, 2017IowaDes Moines4300 Beaver Dr13