Mass Shootings

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
April 20, 2017KentuckyLouisville700 block of East Jacob Street04
May 29, 2017KentuckyLouisville231 Witherspoon St13
September 2, 2017KentuckyLouisville8008 Watterson Trail04
October 27, 2017KentuckyLouisville1716 Prentice St06
April 3, 2017TexasLubbock5401 Ave Q07
July 5, 2017MaineMadison300 block of Russell Rd41
January 15, 2017MississippiMagnolia6000 block of Church Road14
January 22, 2017TexasManvel200 block of Oak Shore Dr32
September 24, 2017New JerseyMays Landing6000 block of Hoover Dr13
January 21, 2017TennesseeMemphis500 block of Delta Road22
January 31, 2017TennesseeMemphis1576 S White Station Rd04
June 10, 2017TennesseeMemphis571 East Street04
August 21, 2017TennesseeMemphis262 Decatur St04
September 13, 2017TennesseeMemphis1000 block of Morehead St15
September 26, 2017TennesseeMemphis2531 Chelsea Ave04
September 30, 2017TennesseeMemphis800 block of Kerr Avenue13
December 3, 2017TennesseeMemphis656 Marshall Ave13
July 6, 2017MississippiMeridianEighth Ave04
October 16, 2017MississippiMeridian5th Street13
May 21, 2017ArizonaMesa441 N Val Vista Dr04
March 15, 2017LouisianaMetairie2508 Pasadena Ave31
January 1, 2017FloridaMiami8000 block of NW 14th Ave07
January 16, 2017FloridaMiami6011 NW 32nd Ave08
April 26, 2017FloridaMiamiSW 264th St and 139th Ave04
May 26, 2017FloridaMiami2730 NW 167th St04