Mass Shootings - 2015

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
April 5, 2015MichiganBenton Harbor1000 block of Blossom Lane04
September 17, 2015MichiganAlbion500 block of W. Broadwell Street04
August 26, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolis (Brooklyn Center)5000 block of Drew Avenue North04
September 10, 2015MinnesotaExcelsior (Greenwood)Channel Drive50
September 12, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolis1st Ave. and N. 5th St.06
September 12, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolis1200 block of 22nd Ave. N.13
November 23, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolisMorgan Avenue North05
March 13, 2015MississippiBrookhaven1097 South First St.23
August 9, 2015MississippiForestPoplar Street13
June 9, 2015MissouriSaint LouisNorth Market Street and North Spring Avenue13
March 7, 2015MissouriSaint Louis3140 Olive St04
June 14, 2015MissouriSaint Louis1400 block of North Market Street04
February 26, 2015MissouriTyrone18279 Highway H81
September 5, 2015MissouriColumbia1509 Ashley Street04
July 14, 2015MissouriSaint Louis1100 block of Riverview04
July 26, 2015MissouriKansas CityThompson and Colorado23
July 22, 2015MissouriSaint LouisFair Ave and Ashland Ave06
May 18, 2015MissouriKinloch8000 block of School Way04
August 4, 2015MissouriSaint Louis2500 block of Semple14
May 24, 2015MissouriSaint Louis2700 block of Dayton04
September 27, 2015MissouriKansas City1700 E. 18th St.04
August 9, 2015MissouriKansas City40th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue04
June 7, 2015MontanaDeer LodgeBoulder Creek Road50
January 24, 2015NebraskaOmaha3402 Parker St35
May 28, 2015NebraskaOmaha84th and Q04