Number of Deaths in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
March 25, 2018South CarolinaAikenJefferson Davis Hwy and SC 19111
June 3, 2018South CarolinaAiken1100 block of Horseshoe Bend Rd10
June 25, 2018South CarolinaAiken300 block of Jehossee Dr10
August 4, 2018South CarolinaAiken3033 Old Powderhouse Road10
April 16, 2018PennsylvaniaAirvilleFurnace Rd and Bare Rd10
January 2, 2018OhioAkron500 Block of E Exchange St10
February 3, 2018OhioAkron300 block of W Miller Ave10
February 13, 2018OhioAkronHerberich St and Lovers Ln10
February 16, 2018OhioAkron900 block of Mercer Ave10
April 1, 2018OhioAkron900 block of Snyder St10
April 16, 2018OhioAkronE Exchange St and Forrest Ct10
May 12, 2018OhioAkron1300 block of Manchester Dr11
May 19, 2018OhioAkronCourtland Ave and Seward Ave10
June 2, 2018OhioAkronCourtland Ave and Seward Ave10
June 5, 2018OhioAkron1221 Everton Dr11
June 23, 2018OhioAkron600 block of Wyandot Ave10
June 30, 2018OhioAkron1100 block of Nome Ave10
July 1, 2018OhioAkron300 block of Pioneer St11
July 7, 2018OhioAkron600 block of Schiller Ave10
July 7, 2018OhioAkron300 block of S Arlington St10
July 12, 2018OhioAkron900 block of Concord Ave12
July 13, 2018OhioAkron1221 Everton Dr10
July 15, 2018OhioAkronNoah Ave and Copley Rd12
August 11, 2018OhioAkron1300 block of Carey Ave20
January 14, 2018FloridaAlachua15731 NW 141st St10