Number of Deaths in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 8, 2018MichiganBenton Harbor604 8th St10
March 25, 2018MichiganBenton Harbor996 Lavette Ave20
April 5, 2018MichiganBenton Harbor3634 Fieldtree Rd10
January 13, 2018AlabamaBessemer800 block of Gary Ave10
February 12, 2018AlabamaBessemer725 Jefferson Ave10
February 28, 2018AlabamaBessemer1900 block of Arlington Avenue10
March 12, 2018AlabamaBessemer1113 9th Ave SW10
March 23, 2018AlabamaBessemer2700 block of 8th Ave S10
April 4, 2018AlabamaBessemer2501 Clarendon Ave10
April 14, 2018AlabamaBessemer100 block of Deadrick Street10
May 1, 2018AlabamaBessemer3rd Place S and Avenue S10
January 1, 2018AlabamaBessemer (Concord)6400 block of William Dr10
April 22, 2018OklahomaBessie404 7th St20
March 18, 2018OklahomaBethany7200 block of NW 44th St20
January 12, 2018New JerseyBeverly120 Elm St10
April 30, 2018LouisianaBienville (county)N/A10
February 8, 2018FloridaBig Pine Key31568 Ave D20
March 26, 2018VirginiaBig Stone GapUS 2310
April 9, 2018MontanaBillings13 N 32nd S10
April 10, 2018MontanaBillings1340 15th St W10
May 3, 2018MississippiBiloxi (St Martin)Lemoyne Blvd10
May 18, 2018MissouriBirch TreeCR Y-62511
January 3, 2018AlabamaBirmingham1535 Warrior Rd10
January 6, 2018AlabamaBirmingham300 block of Robinson Dr10
January 6, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4800 block of Vernon Pkwy10