Number of Deaths in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 17, 2018OklahomaBartlesville1600 block of S Maple12
January 1, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge2600 block of Balis Dr10
January 3, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge10100 block of Avenue E10
January 26, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge800 block of South Boulevard10
January 28, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge890 Scenic Hwy11
February 1, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge2136 Lobdell Blvd20
February 5, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeLaSalle Avenue10
February 6, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeFuqua Street10
February 15, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge5765 Prescott Road10
February 17, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge6117 Cadillac St10
February 15, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge10950 Darryl Drive10
February 18, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge10700 block of Clearview Avenue11
January 22, 2018MichiganBattle CreekBurnham St and Riverside Dr10
February 14, 2018MinnesotaBaxter7609 Excelsior Rd10
January 5, 2018TexasBay CityN/A20
February 20, 2018MichiganBay City3700 block of Wheeler Rd30
January 2, 2018MississippiBay Saint LouisWest Newtown St10
January 24, 2018OregonBeattyN/A10
January 29, 2018TexasBeaumont1100 block of Church St10
January 16, 2018TexasBedford600 Block of Hurst Dr10
January 7, 2018IndianaBeech Grove1100 S 4th Ave11
January 7, 2018MontanaBelgrade1306 Idaho St11
January 5, 2018CaliforniaBell Gardens6500 block of Purdy Ave10
January 29, 2018CaliforniaBell Gardens6800 Adamson Ave10
January 7, 2018CaliforniaBella Vista11935 Bella Vista Ct40