Number of Deaths in 2014

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 14, 2014AlabamaMobile1400 block of Next Street10
January 2, 2014AlabamaUnion Grove17 Gullion Road10
September 7, 2014AlabamaHuntsville2811 Turf Avenue NW10
April 1, 2014AlabamaMontgomery2600 block of Delray Road 10
January 5, 2014AlabamaSomervilleNE Hill Rd10
September 21, 2014AlabamaMontgomery2400 block of Sandy Street10
April 3, 2014AlabamaMobile (Prichard)418 John Ave10
June 3, 2014AlabamaMobileMurray Hill Court10
January 9, 2014AlabamaLimestone CountyRed Bird Lane10
October 14, 2014AlabamaMontgomeryMt. Meigs Road and Chase Street 10
June 8, 2014AlabamaCullman4340 US-278 E10
January 17, 2014AlabamaSelma2800 block of Citizen Parkway10
October 27, 2014AlabamaMontgomery3800 block of Liberty Square Drive 10
July 8, 2014AlabamaAlexander CityBarrett Road10
January 26, 2014AlabamaMontgomery4200 block of Davenport Dr10
October 27, 2014AlabamaBrewtonJimmie Sellers Road10
July 8, 2014AlabamaWarrior2900 block of Nail Road 10
January 30, 2014AlabamaLake ViewI-20/5910
November 6, 2014AlabamaBryantAL- 7110
November 5, 2014AlabamaMontgomery5700 block of Calmar Drive 10
July 25, 2014AlabamaBirmingham1200 block of Pineview Road 10
February 1, 2014AlabamaDora3900 block of Stephanie Drive11
December 14, 2014AlabamaFoley105 Monteith Circle10
September 4, 2014AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of Jefferson Avenue Southwest10
March 9, 2014AlabamaBirmingham900 block of 17th Street SW10