Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
March 2, 2018MarylandBaltimore2500 block of Pennsylvania Ave01
March 5, 2018MarylandBaltimore1000 block of Pennsylvania Ave01
March 6, 2018MarylandBaltimore1900 block of Fulton Ave01
March 5, 2018MarylandBaltimoreBelnord Ave and Orleans St01
March 7, 2018MarylandBaltimore2500 block of Shirley Ave01
March 7, 2018MarylandBaltimore800 block of Whitelock St01
March 7, 2018MarylandBaltimoreVine St and Smallwood St01
March 8, 2018MarylandBaltimore1152 E North Ave11
March 9, 2018MarylandBaltimore600 block of Appleton St01
March 10, 2018MarylandBaltimore2000 block of McCulloh St01
March 10, 2018MarylandBaltimore4600 block of Northwood Dr01
March 9, 2018MarylandBaltimore2300 block of Greenmount Ave01
March 11, 2018MarylandBaltimore400 block of E Baltimore St01
March 12, 2018MarylandBaltimore100 block of Allendale St03
March 12, 2018MarylandBaltimore2300 block of Bryant Ave01
March 12, 2018MarylandBaltimore1900 block of Penrose Ave03
March 13, 2018MarylandBaltimoreNorth Ave and Broadway01
March 13, 2018MarylandBaltimore200 block of Catherine St02
March 14, 2018MarylandBaltimore4500 block of Marble Hall Rd01
March 16, 2018MarylandBaltimore200 block of Pontiac Ave01
March 16, 2018MarylandBaltimoreN/A01
March 18, 2018MarylandBaltimore700 block of N Longwood St02
March 18, 2018MarylandBaltimore1300 block of N Milton Ave01
March 18, 2018MarylandBaltimore300 block of S Franklintown Rd01
March 18, 2018MarylandBaltimore1500 block of Spruce St01