Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 30, 2018North CarolinaChapel HillBrittany Ln01
January 9, 2018South CarolinaCharlestonCongress St01
January 11, 2018South CarolinaCharleston100 block of N Romney Street01
January 16, 2018South CarolinaCharleston500 block of Meeting St01
January 26, 2018West VirginiaCharleston1413 Livingston Ave01
January 27, 2018West VirginiaCharleston617 Grant St01
January 28, 2018West VirginiaCharlestonRed Oak St and Walnut St01
January 28, 2018West VirginiaCharlestonHeritage Ridge Cir01
January 29, 2018IllinoisCharleston1436 10th St01
February 10, 2018West VirginiaCharleston501 Morris St01
February 16, 2018West VirginiaCharlestonRebecca St and 7th Ave01
January 1, 2018West VirginiaCharleston (Cross Lanes)100 block of Reds Pl01
January 9, 2018West VirginiaCharleston (South Charleston)500 block of E St01
January 1, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte1800 Block of S Tryon St01
January 1, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte2305 Farmer St02
January 9, 2018North CarolinaCharlotteNobles Ave01
January 11, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte8242 Runaway Bay Dr01
January 11, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte4100 block of Carlyle Dr21
January 11, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte4800 block of Abercromby St01
January 12, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte11000 Block of Kingston Place Dr05
January 14, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte2000 Block of Cairns Mill Ct01
January 13, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte1700 Block of J Julian Ln01
January 16, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte10300 block of Cedar Trail Ln01
January 19, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte9112 S Tryon St01
January 20, 2018North CarolinaCharlotte5000 block of Cherrycrest Ln01