Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 18, 2018ConnecticutHartfordAlbany Ave and Adams St01
January 1, 2018ConnecticutHartford65 Winchester St01
January 6, 2018ConnecticutNew Haven883 Whalley Ave01
February 12, 2018ConnecticutHartfordBrook St and and Mather St01
January 16, 2018ConnecticutHartford680 Blue Hills Ave01
January 2, 2018ConnecticutNew HavenWadley St11
January 7, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportN/A01
January 24, 2018ConnecticutHamden1959 State St01
January 10, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportConnecticut Ave and Stratford Ave01
February 4, 2018ConnecticutBridgeport700 block of Maple St01
January 17, 2018DelawareWilmington2300 block of N Market St01
February 7, 2018DelawareMillsboro24000 block of White St01
January 17, 2018DelawareMiddletown100 block of E Lockwood St02
January 2, 2018DelawareWilmington2700 block of W 5th St01
February 12, 2018DelawareWilmington2100 block of N Pine St01
January 17, 2018DelawareWilmington (Edgemoor)50 block of Polk Rd01
February 12, 2018DelawareRehoboth Beach19000 block of Norwood St01
January 18, 2018DelawareWilmington200 block of N Madison St01
January 10, 2018DelawareLincoln22000 block of Pine Haven Rd01
February 15, 2018DelawareWilmington23rd St and N Pine St01
January 9, 2018DelawareMiltonFisher Rd and Hudson Rd01
January 10, 2018DelawareWilmington2700 block of N Claymont St01
February 16, 2018DelawareWilmington4th St and Clayton St01
January 25, 2018DelawareWilmington1 W Salisbury Dr01
February 16, 2018DelawareWilmington1300 block of Buckingham Ave03