Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
March 17, 2018AlaskaAlakanukN/A02
January 4, 2018GeorgiaAlbanyWhisperwood Street01
January 13, 2018GeorgiaAlbany2200 block of S Jackson St02
January 24, 2018GeorgiaAlbany600 block of Gaines Ave01
January 25, 2018New YorkAlbanyLivingston Ave and Lark St01
March 1, 2018GeorgiaAlbany2700 block of S County Line Rd01
March 3, 2018GeorgiaAlbany725 E Broad Ave11
March 25, 2018New YorkAlbany700 block of Clinton Ave01
March 26, 2018New YorkAlbany100 Watervliet Ave01
April 2, 2018New YorkAlbany200 block of 2nd St01
April 18, 2018New YorkAlbanyMyrtle Ave and Philip St01
May 1, 2018GeorgiaAlbany700 block of S Shadowlawn Dr01
May 8, 2018GeorgiaAlbany3512 Hamilton Dr21
May 9, 2018New YorkAlbanyJohnson St and 2nd St01
May 9, 2018New YorkAlbanyN 1st St and Van Rensselaer Blvd01
May 9, 2018GeorgiaAlbany1300 block of South McKinley Street01
May 12, 2018New YorkAlbanyClinton Ave01
March 13, 2018North CarolinaAlbemarle200 block of N Seventh Street01
March 30, 2018North CarolinaAlbemarle1100 block of Gibson Street01
May 23, 2018AlabamaAlbertvillePark Dr01
April 20, 2018MichiganAlbion700 block of N Monroe St01
January 3, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueChico Rd and Texas St NE11
January 27, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueMonte Vista Blvd01
January 31, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerque10201 Coors Bypass NW01
January 24, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueN/A01