Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 20, 2018MarylandBaltimorePark Ave and Clay St01
January 20, 2018MarylandBaltimoreN/A01
January 21, 2018MarylandBaltimore3400 block of Auchentoroly Terrace11
January 21, 2018MarylandBaltimore3600 block of Ellerslie Ave01
January 23, 2018MarylandBaltimoreE Cold Spring Ln and Alhambra Ave01
January 24, 2018MarylandBaltimore5300 block of Frankford Ave01
January 28, 2018MarylandBaltimore600 block of Ashburton St01
January 28, 2018MarylandBaltimore3200 block of Leeds St01
January 29, 2018MarylandBaltimore1500 block of Myrtle Ave01
January 29, 2018MarylandBaltimore3800 block of Belvedere Ave02
January 30, 2018MarylandBaltimore4200 block of Groveland Ave12
January 30, 2018MarylandBaltimore1800 block of N Mount St01
January 30, 2018MarylandBaltimore4600 block of Mannasota Ave01
February 2, 2018MarylandBaltimore1200 block of Woodbourne Ave01
February 4, 2018MarylandBaltimore500 block of N Glover St01
February 7, 2018MarylandBaltimore2400 block of Liberty Heights Ave01
February 6, 2018MarylandBaltimore900 block of Calhoun St01
February 6, 2018MarylandBaltimore500 block of Denison St01
February 10, 2018MarylandBaltimore4000 block of Boarman Ave01
February 10, 2018MarylandBaltimore3700 block of E Lombard St01
February 10, 2018MarylandBaltimore400 block of E Baltimore St01
February 15, 2018MarylandBaltimore1300 block of N Monroe St01
February 18, 2018MarylandBaltimore3700 block of Reistertown Rd01
February 19, 2018MarylandBaltimore1100 block of Stoddard Ct01
February 11, 2018MarylandBaltimore1500 block of N Caroline St01