Number of Injuries in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 4, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge900 Block of N 31st St01
January 9, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge4620 Sycamore St02
January 11, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge4700 block of Cadillac Street01
January 16, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge6800 block of Harry Drive01
January 21, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeLafayette St01
January 24, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeWinbourne Avenue and Blackwell Drive02
January 25, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeAvis Avenue01
January 26, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge7100 block of Florida Blvd01
January 28, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge890 Scenic Hwy11
January 29, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge6200 block of Casper Street01
January 18, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeConstitution Avenue01
February 5, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge3600 block of Iroquois Street01
February 13, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge1000 block of Manson Drive01
February 14, 2018LouisianaBaton RougeTerrace Avenue01
February 18, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge10700 block of Clearview Avenue11
January 29, 2018MichiganBattle Creek1417 Capital Ave NE02
January 10, 2018MinnesotaBaxterCR 16001
January 15, 2018South CarolinaBeaufortRoseida Rd01
January 30, 2018South CarolinaBeaufortParris Island Gateway01
January 26, 2018TexasBeaumont3025 Washington Blvd01
January 23, 2018PennsylvaniaBeaver Falls7th Ave and 10th St01
January 30, 2018PennsylvaniaBeaver Falls800 block of 9th St01
January 7, 2018IndianaBeech Grove1100 S 4th Ave11
February 3, 2018IndianaBeech Grove95 N 2nd Ave01
January 7, 2018MontanaBelgrade1306 Idaho St11