Number of Injuries in 2018

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 23, 2018AlabamaCollegeville3000 block of N 32nd Ave02
March 11, 2018AlabamaMobileSerigny Drive and Farnell Drive01
August 15, 2018AlabamaMontgomeryN/A11
January 20, 2018AlabamaClantonI-6501
January 28, 2018AlabamaTuscaloosa2900 block of 19th Street01
May 30, 2018AlabamaMobile800 block of Trailwood Dr02
March 12, 2018AlabamaTuscaloosa235 James I Harrison Jr Pkwy01
February 1, 2018AlabamaMontgomery100 block of Clover Ln01
July 11, 2018AlabamaMobile2700 block of S Thompson Dr02
April 7, 2018AlabamaTroy600 block of Hanchey St11
February 7, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4000 block of Overlook Road01
July 20, 2018AlabamaCedar BluffN/A01
April 10, 2018AlabamaWest BloctonBishop Ridge Rd01
February 14, 2018AlabamaMobileLundy Rd02
July 23, 2018AlabamaPhenix City10th Ave01
April 17, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4009 Vanderbilt Rd01
April 28, 2018AlabamaBirminghamN/A01
February 23, 2018AlabamaMontgomery4000 block of Smiley Circle01
August 8, 2018AlabamaAttallaClanton St01
April 29, 2018AlabamaMobile399 Azalea Rd01
March 3, 2018AlabamaBay Minette704 S US Highway 3101
August 11, 2018AlabamaBirmingham2700 block of Ave C02
May 15, 2018AlabamaDecatur1032 Routon Dr SW01
March 6, 2018AlabamaMobileDublin Street01
August 11, 2018AlabamaBirmingham700 block of 20th St N01