Number of Injuries in 2017

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 7, 2017AlabamaMoodyI-2001
January 9, 2017AlabamaMontgomery800 Block of North Eastern Blvd11
January 2, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of Avenue I01
January 11, 2017AlabamaBirminghamPalisades Boulevard01
January 8, 2017AlabamaMontgomery700 block of Early Street01
January 2, 2017AlabamaTuscaloosa1300 Hargrove Road01
January 11, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1744 Pearson Ave SW11
January 8, 2017AlabamaPrattvilleIrma Lane21
January 4, 2017AlabamaBirmingham905 11th Court W01
January 13, 2017AlabamaMobile2800 block of Diamond Dr01
January 14, 2017AlabamaPinson6700 block of Old Springville Rd01
January 10, 2017AlabamaTuscaloosa2500 block of 12th Avenue01
January 3, 2017AlabamaNew Brockton100 block of CR 26202
January 16, 2017AlabamaHuntsville3315 Dunn St SW01
January 11, 2017AlabamaPhenix City420 Martin Luther King Parkway01
January 5, 2017AlabamaBirmingham6700 block of Kiska Avenue01
January 13, 2017AlabamaMobile2291 St Stephens Road01
January 11, 2017AlabamaBessemerBluebell Street01
January 5, 2017AlabamaBirmingham6800 block of 1st Avenue South02
January 14, 2017AlabamaMobile1400 block of Greenbrier Drive01
January 10, 2017AlabamaBirmingham2300 block of 9th Court S01
January 4, 2017AlabamaBirmingham5300 block of Court J01
January 6, 2017AlabamaChelsea4000 block of CR3601
January 14, 2017AlabamaMobile2311 St Stephens Road01
January 10, 2017AlabamaRagland500 block of Crawfish Ln01