Number of Injuries in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 16, 2018IllinoisZion2800 block of Edina Blvd12
June 9, 2018IllinoisZion2900 block of Ezra Ave01
June 18, 2018IllinoisZion3300 block of Colgate Ave01
April 7, 2018FloridaZephyrhills4800 block of Huron St01
June 8, 2018FloridaZephyrhills4645 Airport Rd01
July 9, 2018FloridaZephyrhillsNewal Dr01
March 18, 2018North CarolinaZebulonPearces Rd02
April 1, 2018North CarolinaZebulon841 E Gannon Ave01
August 3, 2018North CarolinaZebulon4112 Mineral Path02
January 8, 2018TexasZavallaDan Hopkins Rd11
January 10, 2018OhioZanesville714 Pine St01
January 25, 2018LouisianaZachary18733 Samuels Rd21
August 3, 2018LouisianaZachary4800 block of New Weis Rd01
May 23, 2018ArizonaYuma2000 block of S Ave A02
June 7, 2018ArizonaYumaW Main Canal and Riverside Dr01
June 20, 2018ArizonaYumaW Crane St01
August 1, 2018ArizonaYuma22nd St and Madison Ave01
January 9, 2018CaliforniaYucca ValleyAmador Ave and Navajo Trail01
July 7, 2018CaliforniaYucaipa12300 block of Fourth Street01
July 14, 2018CaliforniaYucaipa33000 block of Wallace Way01
January 11, 2018MichiganYpsilanti799 Green Road11
February 18, 2018MichiganYpsilanti500 block of 1st Ave01
April 29, 2018MichiganYpsilanti400 block of Ainsworth Cir01
July 11, 2018MichiganYpsilantiHarriet St and Perry St01
August 4, 2018MichiganYpsilanti200 block of Kirk Ave01