Number of Injuries in 2018

Incident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 27, 2018WyomingCheyenneForest Service Rd01
May 6, 2018WyomingCasper1950 E 15th St11
May 11, 2018WyomingCheyenne5000 block S Greeley Hwy11
May 20, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeW Hampton Ave and N 50th St01
August 3, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee2600 block of N 36th Street01
January 31, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee38th and Fairmount01
June 28, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee61st and Kaul01
May 21, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeW Auer Ave and N 27th St01
February 10, 2018WisconsinMadison323 W Beltline Hwy11
June 28, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee49th and Hampton01
March 3, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN Booth St and E Meinecke Ave01
July 8, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee3200 block of W Vliet St01
June 1, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 56th St and W Burleigh St01
March 8, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee2500 block of N 35th St01
July 16, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee30th St and Hampton Ave01
July 21, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 10th St and W Center St01
June 8, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 39th St and W Villard Ave01
April 8, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee2400 block of S 20th St01
July 26, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee35th Street and Silver Spring Dr01
June 23, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN Cambridge Ave and E North Ave01
April 15, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee1600 block of W Mitchell St01
July 18, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeW Canal St and S 35th St04
June 23, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN/A01
August 2, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 38th St and W Burleigh St01
June 27, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee2800 block of N 22nd St11