Subject-Suspect-Perpetrator Shot or Killed

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 7, 2017AlabamaPhenix City13th Street and 11th Avenue10
August 17, 2017AlabamaCrenshaw (county)North Carter Road10
January 16, 2017AlabamaSelma3000 block of Perham Ave01
May 12, 2017AlabamaRobertsdaleI-1010
January 25, 2017AlabamaOxford1011 AL-2110
June 21, 2017AlabamaBirmingham (Midfield)809 12th Ave01
February 7, 2017AlabamaPisgahCR 6010
June 24, 2017AlabamaDeer ParkUS 4510
July 7, 2017AlabamaHuntsvilleSparkman Drive10
July 9, 2017AlabamaFlorencePine Avenue and Irvine Avenue01
May 26, 2017AlabamaSelma400 block of Martin Luther King Street01
July 18, 2017AlabamaClay6300 block of Clay-Palmerdale Road10
June 2, 2017AlabamaAbbevilleHighway 43110
March 25, 2017AlabamaClantonI-6501
July 28, 2017AlabamaLouisvilleAL 5101
June 8, 2017AlabamaPrattville137 Patrick Street11
August 6, 2017AlabamaClantonCounty Road 25401
June 19, 2017AlabamaBirmingham200 block of Rose Dr01
April 19, 2017AlabamaTuskegeeUS 8001
June 19, 2017AlaskaFairbanks1931 Eagan Ave10
May 25, 2017AlaskaAnchorageMorningside Loop01
May 25, 2017AlaskaFairbanksMitchell Expwy10
February 17, 2017AlaskaBig LakeN/A10
March 13, 2017AlaskaAnchorage3400 block of Old Muldoon Rd10
March 26, 2017AlaskaWasillaGeorge Parks Hwy20