Teens Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 8, 2018IllinoisChicago600 N Laramie Ave10
February 19, 2018IllinoisChicago4000 E 134th St01
February 19, 2018IllinoisChicago7600 S Champlain Ave11
February 19, 2018IllinoisChicago700 E 82nd St02
February 24, 2018IllinoisChicago8600 S Michigan Ave10
February 25, 2018IllinoisChicago4200 W Jackson Blvd01
February 25, 2018IllinoisChicago4700 W North Ave02
February 26, 2018IllinoisChicago4400 S Whipple St01
February 27, 2018IllinoisChicago2100 block of S Oakley Ave01
March 1, 2018IllinoisChicago3900 W Monroe St01
March 2, 2018IllinoisChicago3500 S Ashland Ave10
March 4, 2018IllinoisChicago4900 W Rice St03
March 8, 2018IllinoisChicago800 block of N Waller Ave10
March 9, 2018IllinoisChicago7200 block of S Merrill Ave01
March 9, 2018IllinoisChicago5200 block of N Winthrop Ave01
March 9, 2018IllinoisChicago4400 block of W Carroll Ave01
March 12, 2018IllinoisChicago5700 block of W Irving Park Rd01
March 16, 2018IllinoisChicago5000 block of N Albany Ave01
March 21, 2018IllinoisChicago8000 block of S Halsted St01
March 24, 2018IllinoisChicago800 block of Lawndale Ave01
March 25, 2018IllinoisChicago5700 S Mozart St01
March 25, 2018IllinoisChicago1700 block of N Western Ave01
March 26, 2018IllinoisChicago2500 block of E 79th St03
March 26, 2018IllinoisChicago9400 block of S Yale Ave01
April 2, 2018IllinoisChicago4000 block of W Congress Pkwy02