Teens Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 7, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportDenver Ave03
April 26, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportNorman St02
June 29, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportColumbia St and Park Terrace01
August 11, 2018ConnecticutBridgeportWilliam St and Roosevelt St01
April 30, 2018PennsylvaniaBristol300 block of Penn St01
March 8, 2018New YorkBronx427 E 146th St01
May 1, 2018New YorkBronxProspect Ave and E 164th Ave12
June 7, 2018New YorkBronxNelson Avenue and 166th Street02
July 22, 2018New YorkBronxPelham Pkwy01
August 7, 2018New YorkBronxWythe Pl and E 171st St02
June 2, 2018New YorkBronx (West Farms)2134 Vyse Avenue10
January 14, 2018New YorkBrooklyn965 Hegeman St01
March 14, 2018New YorkBrooklyn345 Thatford Ave40
May 27, 2018New YorkBrooklyn165 Bond St02
July 11, 2018New YorkBrooklynLewis Ave and Macon St10
July 15, 2018New YorkBrooklynPine St and Blake Ave10
July 17, 2018New YorkBrooklyn370 Bushwick Ave11
July 17, 2018New YorkBrooklynFlushing Ave and Humboldt St01
July 28, 2018New YorkBrooklynCleveland St and Fulton St01
January 23, 2018FloridaBrooksville27378 Azen Loop21
June 30, 2018North CarolinaBrowns Summit5016 Turnbridge Cir02
March 24, 2018GeorgiaBrunswick219 Mall Blvd01
March 25, 2018GeorgiaBrunswick104 Eagles Point Dr10
January 26, 2018New YorkBuffalo305 Sobieski St01
March 21, 2018New YorkBuffaloNorway Park and Dodge St10