Teens Killed or Injured in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
March 24, 2018IllinoisChicago800 block of Lawndale Ave01
March 25, 2018IllinoisChicago5700 S Mozart St01
March 25, 2018IllinoisChicago1700 block of N Western Ave01
March 26, 2018IllinoisChicago2500 block of E 79th St03
March 26, 2018IllinoisChicago9400 block of S Yale Ave01
April 2, 2018IllinoisChicago4000 block of W Congress Pkwy02
April 7, 2018IllinoisChicago5100 block of W Huron11
April 9, 2018IllinoisChicago6400 block of S Laflin St01
April 10, 2018IllinoisChicago7400 block of S Wabash Ave01
April 14, 2018IllinoisChicago5200 block of W Harrison St02
April 19, 2018IllinoisChicago10600 block of S Bensley Ave01
April 19, 2018IllinoisChicago6800 block of S Wood St01
April 20, 2018IllinoisChicago5200 block of S Winchester Ave01
April 21, 2018IllinoisChicago2300 block of E 70th Pl01
April 21, 2018IllinoisChicago9400 block of S Wabash Ave11
April 22, 2018IllinoisChicago5400 block of W Gladys Ave02
April 24, 2018IllinoisChicago1900 block of S Saint Louis Ave03
April 25, 2018IllinoisChicago4800 block of W Monroe St10
April 28, 2018IllinoisChicago1800 block of N Monitor Ave01
April 29, 2018IllinoisChicago7100 block of S State St01
May 1, 2018IllinoisChicago1200 block of S Avers Ave01
May 2, 2018IllinoisChicago6200 block of S California Ave01
May 2, 2018IllinoisChicago3500 block of W Grenshaw St14
May 2, 2018IllinoisChicago4100 block of W Madison St01
May 2, 2018IllinoisChicago3400 block of W Flournoy St01