Teens Killed or Injured in 2018

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 7, 2018MinnesotaSaint PaulRice St and Geranium Ave01
January 14, 2018MinnesotaRochesterEast River Road and 31st Street10
January 1, 2018MississippiJacksonLongwood Drive01
February 17, 2018MississippiGreenwoodN/A10
January 15, 2018MississippiAberdeen735 W Short Street10
January 26, 2018MississippiNatchez109 N Temple Rd01
February 3, 2018MississippiGulfport4000 block of Ponderosa Dr10
January 31, 2018MississippiGreenwoodBrowning Road10
February 9, 2018MississippiMoss Point3525 Rollins St10
January 2, 2018MissouriIndependence18801 E 39th St10
January 2, 2018MissouriSaint LouisClark Ave and S 18th St01
January 31, 2018MissouriSaint LouisI-55 and Loughborough Ave03
January 20, 2018MissouriSaint Louis2000 block of Obear Ave01
January 20, 2018MissouriSaint Louis4700 block of Leduc St01
January 9, 2018MissouriCarthage1142 S River St02
January 25, 2018MissouriSaint Louis3200 block of Barrett St01
January 25, 2018MissouriSaint Louis4300 block of Warne Ave01
January 14, 2018NebraskaGenoaN 390th Ave10
January 27, 2018NevadaLas Vegas2300 E Silverado Ranch Blvd02
January 18, 2018NevadaLas Vegas6400 block of American Beauty Ave10
January 13, 2018NevadaLas VegasCivic Center Dr and Evans Ave10
January 26, 2018New JerseyEgg Harbor City (Egg Harbor)Woodrow Ave10
January 18, 2018New JerseyJersey City90 block of Astor Pl01
January 8, 2018New JerseyCamdenS 29th St and Clinton St10
February 10, 2018New JerseyNewarkKent St10