Teens Killed or Injured in 2017

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 19, 2017AlabamaMobile3110 Dauphin Island Parkway01
June 15, 2017AlabamaAthensHatchett Ridge Rd01
January 18, 2017AlabamaFairfield800 block of Valley Road10
April 22, 2017AlabamaMontgomery2200 block of the East South Blvd01
April 30, 2017AlabamaLeeds4100 block of Oak Trail Way10
February 19, 2017AlabamaYork237 West 5th Ave01
January 23, 2017AlabamaBirminghamSJ Bennett Drive01
May 1, 2017AlabamaMontgomery3424 South Court Street10
March 16, 2017AlabamaMontgomery225 Ann Street01
January 18, 2017AlabamaSelma800 block of Laredo Cir01
May 14, 2017AlabamaHuntsville4001 Pulaski Pike02
March 19, 2017AlabamaHuntsville2885 Memorial Pkwy NW10
January 26, 2017AlabamaMoundville154 Market St30
May 26, 2017AlabamaBirmingham (Center Point)1800 block of Martinique Dr01
March 23, 2017AlabamaMontgomery200 block of East Park Avenue10
January 29, 2017AlabamaBirmingham39th Avenue North and 43rd Street North01
January 31, 2017AlabamaBirmingham3200 block of Cedar Ave10
June 2, 2017AlabamaBirminghamCenter St and 9th Ave W10
March 24, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1701 Edwards Lake Rd02
February 7, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1720 2nd Ave S10
June 3, 2017AlabamaYorkWest 5th Avenue11
March 30, 2017AlabamaMobile600 block of Tarawa Dr01
February 14, 2017AlabamaMobileCrenshaw Street20
June 10, 2017AlabamaGallion171 Starmont Road10
April 15, 2017AlabamaBirmingham1480 Center Point Pkwy06