Teens Killed or Injured in 2014

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Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
December 30, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleBridge Road and Mountain Park Circle10
January 1, 2014AlabamaHuntsville4300 block of Patton Road02
August 26, 2014AlabamaSelma1500 block of Philpot Avenue 02
June 15, 2014AlabamaMobile 2600 block of Faure Drive01
January 20, 2014AlabamaDecatur3100 block of Cotton Place10
September 19, 2014AlabamaPhenix City1500 14th Street10
June 15, 2014AlabamaHuntsville6201 Pueblo Dr NW01
February 2, 2014AlabamaOzarkYoung Avenue and Yancey Street 10
September 24, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosa500 block of 34th Avenue01
June 11, 2014AlabamaFoleyN/A01
March 11, 2014AlabamaBirmingham100 block of Chalkville Manor Dr01
September 26, 2014AlabamaDecatur6th Avenue 01
July 15, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosaHillcrest School Road 01
July 21, 2014AlabamaOpelika500 block of Edmon Avenue10
April 5, 2014AlabamaBirminghamRobert Jemison Road01
November 6, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleLincoya Drive and Windemere Drive01
July 26, 2014AlabamaBirmingham3rd Avenue South and 78th Street South01
May 6, 2014AlabamaSelma1900 block of Marie Foster Street01
November 15, 2014AlabamaRainbow CitySutton Bridge Road 01
July 26, 2014AlabamaTroy100 block of Aster Ave01
May 31, 2014AlabamaBirminghamBurgin Avenue and Court O 01
November 15, 2014AlabamaMobile300 block of Tuttle Avenue01
July 31, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleAcademy Drive and Eastbrook Drive01
June 3, 2014AlabamaMobile1010 Baltimore Street 03
November 18, 2014AlabamaBon Air400 block of Front Street01