Incidents in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 4, 2018MississippiAberdeenCardinal Ln00
May 12, 2018WashingtonAberdeen300 block of W King St01
May 20, 2018MississippiAberdeen801 E Commerce St00
July 1, 2018MarylandAberdeen200 block of Perrywood Ct10
July 4, 2018South DakotaAberdeenN/A00
July 5, 2018North CarolinaAberdeen100 block of Longleaf Ln01
July 5, 2018IdahoAberdeen2202 Dean Sub Rd10
July 10, 2018MississippiAberdeenS Thayer Ave00
July 20, 2018MississippiAberdeenLiberty Rd00
July 20, 2018MississippiAberdeenCanal St00
July 27, 2018MarylandAberdeen100 block of Hamilton Pl01
July 25, 2018MississippiAberdeenW Monroe St01
July 28, 2018North CarolinaAberdeen106 Forest Place Dr10
August 12, 2018WashingtonAberdeenN/A00
January 5, 2018TexasAbilene500 N Judge Ely Blvd02
January 18, 2018KansasAbilene1618 NW 4th St00
March 23, 2018TexasAbilene4044 S 7th St10
March 27, 2018KansasAbileneI-7010
April 3, 2018TexasAbilene101 Cypress St00
April 9, 2018TexasAbilene5300 block of Fairmont St00
April 23, 2018TexasAbileneUS 8401
April 26, 2018TexasAbilene5200 block of Deerwood Ln00
April 27, 2018KansasAbilene700 block of E 1st St00
May 23, 2018TexasAbilene1900 Pine St10
May 29, 2018KansasAbilene3000 block of Daisy Rd00