Incidents in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
July 27, 2018MichiganAllen ParkAllen Rd and Southfield Rd00
March 21, 2018South CarolinaAllendale852 Barton Rd11
June 12, 2018MichiganAllendale10295 48th Ave02
July 13, 2018South CarolinaAllendaleBing St10
May 26, 2018MichiganAllenton (Berlin Township)16000 block of Tubspring Rd00
January 1, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1100 block of W Turner St11
January 5, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown600 block of N Silk St01
January 10, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown2000 block of Vine St00
February 12, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown3712 Hamilton Blvd00
February 13, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1200 block of Russell St00
February 23, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown343 Hamilton St01
February 22, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown200 block of N 15th St01
February 28, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1227 Airport Rd21
March 5, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown100 block of N 7th St00
March 14, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown3220 Hamilton Blvd00
March 23, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentownAmerican Pkwy and Airport Rd01
March 28, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1091 Mill Creek Rd10
April 10, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentownChew St and Railroad St01
April 12, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown100 block of S 8th St00
April 19, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1400 block of Tilghman St00
April 21, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1109 Union Blvd00
April 26, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown315 W Linden St10
May 12, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown15th Street and Willow Street01
May 27, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentownSchuler St00
June 1, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown400 block of N 9th St01