Incidents in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 20, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueCoors Blvd and Gun Club Rd01
February 20, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueCarlisle Blvd and Comanche Rd10
February 21, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerque145 Louisiana Blvd NE01
February 21, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueN/A00
February 20, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerque800 Odelia Rd NE00
February 22, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerque1500 block of 2nd St10
January 31, 2018VirginiaAldie2500 block of Tomey Ct20
February 19, 2018AlabamaAlexander CityRed Bud Street01
January 8, 2018VirginiaAlexandria3800 block of Executive Ave01
February 8, 2018LouisianaAlexandriaLynda Lee St and Emily Ann St00
February 12, 2018VirginiaAlexandria6900 block of Deer Run Dr00
February 5, 2018MaineAlfred (Lyman)63 John St00
January 10, 2018TexasAllen190 E Stacy Rd01
January 12, 2018TexasAllen205 Benton Dr01
February 21, 2018KansasAllen1208 Road 34500
January 8, 2018MichiganAllen Park23111 W Outer Dr00
January 1, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1100 block of W Turner St11
January 5, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown600 block of N Silk St01
January 10, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown2000 block of Vine St00
February 12, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown3712 Hamilton Blvd00
February 13, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown1200 block of Russell St00
February 23, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown343 Hamilton St01
February 22, 2018PennsylvaniaAllentown200 block of N 15th St01
February 9, 2018OhioAllianceN/A00
February 14, 2018OhioAlliance1 block of N Union Ave00