Incidents in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 8, 2018South CarolinaAiken630 Aldrich St NE01
March 24, 2018South CarolinaAiken500 Block of Grandiflora Cir02
March 25, 2018South CarolinaAikenJefferson Davis Hwy and SC 19111
April 4, 2018South CarolinaAiken600 block of Aldrich St00
June 3, 2018South CarolinaAiken1100 block of Horseshoe Bend Rd10
June 25, 2018South CarolinaAiken300 block of Jehossee Dr10
June 27, 2018South CarolinaAiken800 block of Rutledge Rd00
July 10, 2018South CarolinaAiken1652 Richland Ave W00
July 25, 2018South CarolinaAiken100 block of Rogers Terrace00
August 4, 2018South CarolinaAiken3033 Old Powderhouse Road10
August 13, 2018South CarolinaAiken1695 Richland Ave E01
June 16, 2018GeorgiaAileyN/A02
June 17, 2018GeorgiaAileyN/A02
April 16, 2018PennsylvaniaAirvilleFurnace Rd and Bare Rd10
January 20, 2018AlaskaAkiakN/A00
January 2, 2018OhioAkronMorse St and East Ave00
January 2, 2018OhioAkron500 Block of E Exchange St10
January 6, 2018OhioAkron22 W Long St01
January 10, 2018OhioAkronLake St and Edison Ave00
January 12, 2018OhioAkronW Waterloo Rd01
January 13, 2018OhioAkron935 Brown St01
January 16, 2018OhioAkronGold St and N Valley St02
January 18, 2018OhioAkronKeck St and Bethany Ave01
January 24, 2018OhioAkron940 North Howard St01
February 2, 2018OhioAkronMcKinley Ave and Inman St01