Incidents in 2018

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
March 15, 2018CaliforniaAlameda724 Central Ave00
April 14, 2018CaliforniaAlamedaOrion St00
January 4, 2018New YorkAlbanyFirst St and Quail St10
January 4, 2018GeorgiaAlbanyWhisperwood Street01
January 13, 2018GeorgiaAlbany2200 block of S Jackson St02
January 17, 2018GeorgiaAlbanyChestnut Ct and Heather Dr00
January 24, 2018GeorgiaAlbany600 block of Gaines Ave01
January 25, 2018New YorkAlbanyLivingston Ave and Lark St01
February 4, 2018OregonAlbany1955 Cedar Cir SE00
March 1, 2018GeorgiaAlbany2700 block of S County Line Rd01
March 3, 2018GeorgiaAlbany725 E Broad Ave11
March 7, 2018New YorkAlbany352 Delaware Ave00
March 15, 2018New YorkAlbanyI-8700
March 25, 2018New YorkAlbany700 block of Clinton Ave01
March 26, 2018New YorkAlbany100 Watervliet Ave01
March 29, 2018New YorkAlbany300 block of Hamilton St00
April 2, 2018New YorkAlbany200 block of 2nd St01
April 18, 2018New YorkAlbanyMyrtle Ave and Philip St01
April 29, 2018CaliforniaAlbany600 block of Masonic Ave10
May 1, 2018GeorgiaAlbany700 block of S Shadowlawn Dr01
May 6, 2018New YorkAlbanyN/A00
May 6, 2018GeorgiaAlbany500 block of 9th Ave10
May 8, 2018GeorgiaAlbany3512 Hamilton Dr21
May 9, 2018New YorkAlbanyJohnson St and 2nd St01
May 9, 2018GeorgiaAlbany1300 block of South McKinley Street01