Incidents in 2015

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Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 10, 2015LouisianaAbbevilleOak and Hayes Streets01
January 21, 2015LouisianaAbbevilleN/A00
February 6, 2015LouisianaAbbevilleMaude and Marmont Streets02
May 30, 2015LouisianaAbbeville700 block of St. Peter Street01
July 29, 2015LouisianaAbbevilleOak and Hayes Streets01
July 24, 2015WisconsinAbbotsford419 North Third Street00
March 19, 2015MississippiAberdeen600 block of North Matubba Street01
April 6, 2015MississippiAberdeenCommerce Street01
April 7, 2015MarylandAberdeen300 block of Mt. Royal Avenue11
April 10, 2015MarylandAberdeen2100 block of Carson's Run Road01
May 21, 2015MarylandAberdeenRoosevelt Avenue01
May 22, 2015WashingtonAberdeenOak Street10
February 21, 2015South DakotaAberdeen38312 124th St10
March 22, 2015MarylandAberdeenMayberry Dr10
June 26, 2015MarylandAberdeen300 block of S. Rogers Street01
August 15, 2015South DakotaAberdeen3216 Seventh Ave. S.E01
October 25, 2015WashingtonAberdeen800 block of West Market Street02
October 24, 2015WashingtonAberdeen700 block of West First Street00
December 4, 2015MarylandAberdeenN/A01
December 10, 2015MarylandAberdeenNew County Road01
December 13, 2015MississippiAberdeenN/A00
January 31, 2015South DakotaAberdeenN/A00
February 8, 2015TexasAbilene2933 Airport Boulevard00
March 4, 2015TexasAbileneN/A01
March 6, 2015TexasAbileneCollege and Monroe01