Accidental Child Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
752871January 16, 2017GeorgiaDecaturKnollview Drive01
1518371October 3, 2019GeorgiaDecatur2892 Eastwyck Cir01
991561November 19, 2017MinnesotaDeer CreekN/A01
220004November 12, 2014FloridaDelandParsons Avenue01
280313January 18, 2015KansasDeliaNorth of 118th and B Road01
194301September 17, 2014AlaskaDelta JunctionN/A01
563088May 21, 2016ColoradoDenver1800 block of West Mississippi Avenue01
1676153May 9, 2020ColoradoDenver (Northglenn)1000 block of Elmer Dr01
385805July 31, 2015IowaDes Moines2300 block of East 11th Street01
884793July 6, 2017IowaDes Moines2900 Dean Avenue01
1159382July 8, 2018IowaDes Moines5452 NE 22nd St02
1409636May 29, 2019IowaDes Moines5700 block of SE 34th St01
172520August 11, 2014MichiganDetroit2900 block of Buena Vista01
213370October 29, 2014MichiganDetroit18400 block of Algonac01
212294October 27, 2014MichiganDetroit6200 block of Minnock01
377895July 19, 2015MichiganDetroit16300 block of West Chicago01
535999April 7, 2016MichiganDetroit3900 block of West Vernor Highway01
555139May 8, 2016MichiganDetroit17600 block of Faust01
605469July 17, 2016MichiganDetroit6000 block of Crane Street01
740172December 31, 2016MichiganDetroit13000 block of Kilbourne01
799311March 20, 2017MichiganDetroit13700 block of Pfent St01
802632March 25, 2017MichiganDetroit5500 block of John C. Lodge Service Dr01
1110902May 8, 2018MichiganDetroit5900 block of Marcus St01
1186293August 13, 2018MichiganDetroit12000 block of Laing01
1685108May 20, 2020MichiganDetroitNett St and Van Dyke Ave01