Accidental Child Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1498633September 6, 2019IllinoisEast Saint Louis (Cahokia)Andrews Dr01
1207227September 10, 2018IllinoisEast Saint Louis700 block of N 37th St01
591546April 5, 2016MarylandEdgewaterN/A01
1068067March 12, 2018MississippiEdwards4553 MS 46701
909837August 9, 2017CaliforniaEdwards (North Edwards)N/A01
678444October 17, 2016IndianaElkhart311 East Carlton Avenue02
681369October 15, 2016ConnecticutEnfieldEcology Drive01
1541070November 3, 2019FloridaEnsleyHayworth Ave01
436177October 24, 2015PennsylvaniaErie2057 Charleston Ave01
1576038December 19, 2019PennsylvaniaErie1600 block of German St01
664848September 27, 2016IndianaEtna Green9900-block of West C.R. 575 North01
1242733October 27, 2018IndianaEvansville1353 Savannah Dr01
455142November 29, 2015WashingtonEverett12400 block of Admiralty Way01
1617203February 7, 2020AlabamaFairfield300 block of 67th St01
107260February 14, 2014North CarolinaFayetteville4000 block of Calver Ct01
1066250March 9, 2018North CarolinaFayetteville848 Tamarack Dr01
362322June 19, 2015MinnesotaFeltonN/A01
510918April 23, 2015MichiganFlintN/A01
943339September 27, 2017MichiganFlint900 block of Black Ave01
1135369June 4, 2018MichiganFlintN/A01
279890January 16, 2015New MexicoFlora VistaRd 345101
296083February 21, 2015MissouriFlorissant1100 block of Paddock Drive01
573238June 5, 2016MissouriFlorissant4200 block of Cloverfield Trail01
1480396August 15, 2019MissouriFlorissant225 St Luke Dr01
147935June 11, 2014AlabamaFoleyN/A01