Accidental Child Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
184348August 30, 2014CaliforniaGeorgetownBottle Hill Road01
207528October 19, 2014PennsylvaniaGibson TownshipN/A01
1044477February 5, 2018KansasGirard130th St01
549794April 27, 2016MichiganGladwinN/A01
1380335April 25, 2019ArizonaGlendaleN 75th Ave and W Glendale Ave01
1645171March 24, 2020ArizonaGlendaleW Glendale Ave and N 51st Ave01
1684580May 20, 2020CaliforniaGlendale4432 San Fernando Rd11
1499261September 7, 2019IllinoisGlenwood100 block of S Young St01
574806June 7, 2016OregonGlide (Idlelyn Park)N/A01
473382December 26, 2015MichiganGowenLincoln Lake Ave NE and 18 Mile Rd NE11
281784December 27, 2014North CarolinaGrahamRed Head Tail01
1036358January 25, 2018MissouriGrain Valley900 block of NW Dogwood Dr01
518022February 20, 2016MichiganGrand Rapids (Kentwood)5745 East Grove Drive SE01
488384January 18, 2016MissouriGrandviewN/A01
821649April 15, 2017MichiganGrandville1400 block of Angling Rd01
1388924May 6, 2019WisconsinGreen Bay (Bellevue)N/A01
303925March 9, 2015UtahGreen RiverEast Teton Boulevard01
767919February 5, 2017KentuckyGreenupHoods Run Road01
599799July 10, 2016North CarolinaGreenville503-B Battle Street01
618859August 1, 2016South CarolinaGreenvilleHillside Circle01
1166554July 15, 2018MississippiGreenville1400 block of Casavechia St01
270911December 27, 2014IndianaGreenwood600 block of Pine Lake Drive01
877412June 26, 2017MississippiGreenwood400 Block of Kinney St01
1582603December 28, 2019South CarolinaGreenwood1508 Parkway01
1295918January 7, 2019South CarolinaGreer1896 New Bruce Rd01