Accidental Child Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1539036October 31, 2019IllinoisChicago3700 block of W 26th St02
1570390December 12, 2019IllinoisChicago3353 W 13th St02
1579448December 25, 2019IllinoisChicago3500 block of S Washtenaw Ave02
1607462January 27, 2020IllinoisChicago850 W Eastwood Ave01
1621830February 14, 2020IllinoisChicago4700 S Forrestville Ave02
1621834February 14, 2020IllinoisChicago3100 block of W Fillmore St01
1664929April 24, 2020IllinoisChicago6243 S Drexel Ave01
1689467May 26, 2020IllinoisChicago200 block of W Pershing Rd03
1134029June 4, 2018IllinoisChicago Heights (Ford Heights)1100 block of Drexel Ave01
798966March 19, 2017CaliforniaChico2600 block of Lobo Way01
1573887December 15, 2019North CarolinaChocowinityNC-33 E01
380407July 23, 2015OklahomaChoctaw11100 block of E Draper Ave01
172351August 10, 2014OhioCincinnatiImpala Dr01
788395March 6, 2017OhioCincinnati4240 Fehr Road01
1198081August 28, 2018OhioCincinnatiDantzler Dr01
1286792December 28, 2018OhioCincinnati900 block of Burton Ave01
1534539October 25, 2019OhioCincinnatiN/A01
1579726December 25, 2019OhioCincinnati1000 block of Gilsey Ave01
400693August 24, 2015OhioCincinnati (North College Hill)1900 block of Goodman Avenue01
682017October 22, 2016OhioCincinnati (Price Hill)4700 block of Guerley Road01
689745October 31, 2016MichiganClare503 Schoolcrest Avenue02
106318January 24, 2014OklahomaClaremore (Verdigris)8100 block of E Misty Morning Pl01
793868March 5, 2017MississippiClarksdale900 block of Page Ave01
836898May 5, 2017TennesseeClarksville200 block of Caldwell Lane02
1558231September 8, 2019GeorgiaClayton (county)N/A01