Accidental Child Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
368524July 4, 2015OhioClevelandWillowdale Avenue02
438485October 28, 2015OhioCleveland6600 block of Bliss Avenue01
587988June 25, 2016OhioCleveland3578 W 120th Street01
1079901May 6, 2017TennesseeClevelandBenton Pike01
1289714January 1, 2019OhioCleveland12520 Griffing Ave01
1436811July 1, 2019OhioCleveland3800 block of E 186th St01
1475879August 10, 2019OhioClevelandE 119th St and Miles Ave01
1490218August 28, 2019OhioCleveland4600 block of W 41st St01
1494378September 1, 2019OhioCleveland400 block of E 146th St03
1604776January 23, 2020OhioClevelandW 38th St and Robert Ave01
334733May 4, 2015MichiganClinton Township34160 Little Mack Ave01
1190737August 19, 2018IowaClive11428 Forrest Ave01
779793July 29, 2016WyomingCody1192 Sheridan Avenue03
280073January 17, 2015TexasColleyvilleDouglas Avenue01
858907June 3, 2017ColoradoColorado Springs4312 Driftwood Drive01
920425August 25, 2017ColoradoColorado Springs4400 block of Bramble Ln01
1641058March 12, 2020ColoradoColorado Springs3900 block of Harmony Dr01
193524September 20, 2014South CarolinaColumbia100 block of East Lake Trail01
378800July 18, 2015MissouriColumbia6200 block of Eric Lane01
558314May 11, 2016South CarolinaColumbia4300 block of Mellowood Dr01
645796September 1, 2016South CarolinaColumbia228 Meredith Square12
802619March 25, 2017South CarolinaColumbia3430 Broad River Rd01
1372811April 14, 2019KentuckyColumbia200 block of Marvin Jones Road01
1492886August 30, 2019MissouriColumbia2100 block of Whispering Meadows Ct01
1633807March 3, 2020South CarolinaColumbia6600 block of Bailey St01