Accidental Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
347341May 15, 2015LouisianaBaton Rouge2565 Rose Garden Dr01
412012September 10, 2015LouisianaBaton Rouge7310 Airline Highway01
424408October 1, 2015LouisianaBaton Rouge6267 Arbor Vitae Drive01
452988November 24, 2015LouisianaBaton Rouge5000 block of Florida Street01
471206December 23, 2015LouisianaBaton RougeJefferson Avenue01
481013January 3, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge816 Kennon Drive01
559313May 14, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge4000 block of Denham Street01
567330May 27, 2016LouisianaBaton RougeNebraska Street01
630718August 15, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge9003 Greenwell Springs Road01
701425November 15, 2016LouisianaBaton RougeNorth Foster Drive01
718628December 2, 2016LouisianaBaton Rouge6880 Cezanne Drive01
728905December 17, 2016LouisianaBaton RougeN/A01
778510February 19, 2017LouisianaBaton RougeElm Dr and Shelley St01
797768March 19, 2017LouisianaBaton Rouge9473 Gassie Street01
828872April 25, 2017LouisianaBaton RougeS 16th St at Wisteria St01
883149July 5, 2017LouisianaBaton RougeJester Avenue01
941295September 24, 2017LouisianaBaton Rouge10400 block of Ave G01
1021029January 4, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge900 Block of N 31st St01
1029513January 16, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge6800 block of Harry Drive01
1099877April 24, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge1700 block of Marque Ann Dr01
1201905September 2, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge1443 Brightside Dr01
1276400December 13, 2018LouisianaBaton Rouge650 N Ardenwood Dr01
1383071April 29, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge2001 S Sherwood Forest Blvd01
1399535May 19, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge4500 block of Oaklon Ave01
107303February 3, 2014MichiganBattle CreekN/A01