Accidental Injuries

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
411972September 10, 2015New MexicoAlbuquerqueEl Pueblo01
450336November 18, 2015New MexicoAlbuquerque2520 Juan Tabo Boulevard N.E.01
771974February 10, 2017New MexicoAlbuquerque5500 San Antonio Dr NE02
1041378January 24, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerqueN/A01
1195246August 23, 2018New MexicoAlbuquerque2200 Sunport Blvd01
1480467August 13, 2019New MexicoAlbuquerque3900 Tulane Dr NE01
1480986August 14, 2019New MexicoAlbuquerqueRio Grande Blvd and Montano Blvd01
1490279August 28, 2019New MexicoAlbuquerque3444 Ross Ave SE01
1556951November 23, 2019New MexicoAlbuquerque757 98th St SW03
396230August 13, 2015VermontAlburghN/A01
701462November 15, 2016MichiganAlcona (county)N/A01
138839May 24, 2014CaliforniaAlderpointHighland Street 01
206057October 14, 2014AlabamaAlexander City174 Broad Street01
180346March 16, 2014VirginiaAlexandria2700 block of Mennifield Court01
478074January 3, 2016VirginiaAlexandria1000 block of Cameron Street01
941021September 23, 2017MinnesotaAlexandriaN/A01
1022588January 8, 2018VirginiaAlexandria3800 block of Executive Ave01
1314859January 28, 2019LouisianaAlexandria2100 block of Alma St01
144558June 8, 2014TexasAlice1700 block of Triangle Drive01
1121449May 20, 2018AlabamaAlicevilleAL 1701
1005950December 11, 2017PennsylvaniaAliquippa500 block of Independence Rd01
524471March 18, 2016PennsylvaniaAllentown600 block of North Front Street01
536381April 7, 2016PennsylvaniaAllentown2000 block of Livingston Street01
765301January 30, 2017PennsylvaniaAllentown500 Block of Park St01
767312February 3, 2017PennsylvaniaAllentown5th and Allen Streets01