Accidental Teen Deaths

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
425470October 3, 2015MichiganDetroit14000 block of Steel Street10
140995May 29, 2014MichiganDetroit12828 Fenkell Ave10
217622November 7, 2014MichiganLansingAda Street10
730637December 21, 2016MichiganDetroit791 Tennessee St10
833871May 1, 2017MichiganMuskegon1751 Evanston Ave10
284952January 27, 2015MichiganDetroit15800 block of Lappin Street10
1159870July 9, 2018MichiganPontiac100 block of Willard St10
1257514November 16, 2018MichiganMass CityN/A10
921625August 26, 2017MinnesotaMinneapolis (Crystal)5359 W Broadway Ave10
455601November 29, 2015MinnesotaItasca (county)E. Natures Trail10
986230November 11, 2017MinnesotaAurora5800 block of Stepetz Road 5310
220372November 13, 2014MinnesotaWadena39573 615th Ave10
283783January 25, 2015MinnesotaEagan1794 Silver Bell Circle10
1543208November 6, 2019MinnesotaSaint Paul100 block of Annapolis St E10
334990May 3, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolis4100 block of Fremont Avenue North10
92563January 1, 2014MississippiBogue Chitto1347 Brumfield Rd SW10
1286304December 26, 2018MississippiGoodman91 Cedar Grove Dr10
978597October 31, 2017MississippiColumbusPoplar St10
1347871March 9, 2019MississippiGreenwood200 block of N Stone Ave10
529822March 27, 2016MississippiBrookhavenHighway 55010
1347878March 14, 2019MississippiGreenville247 Crescent St10
1019020December 31, 2017MississippiClevelandN/A10
1419834June 10, 2019MississippiHorn LakeConrail Cir11
1116203May 14, 2018MississippiMeridian2427 4th Ave10
906573August 4, 2017MississippiGulfport3600 block of Sabine Street10