Accidental Teen Deaths

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
140995May 29, 2014MichiganDetroit12828 Fenkell Ave10
648867September 5, 2016MichiganKalamazoo1500 block of Clinton Avenue20
284952January 27, 2015MichiganDetroit15800 block of Lappin Street10
168838August 3, 2014MichiganWyoming28th Street SW10
724139December 12, 2016MichiganDetroit4300 block of Tireman10
1159870July 9, 2018MichiganPontiac100 block of Willard St10
194404September 21, 2014MichiganDrummond Island (Drummond)Glen Cove Rd10
730637December 21, 2016MichiganDetroit791 Tennessee St10
344798May 22, 2015MichiganKalamazoo700 block of Dwight Street10
1191978August 20, 2018MichiganMuskegon (Muskegon Heights)2500 block of Elwood St10
217622November 7, 2014MichiganLansingAda Street10
780384February 18, 2017MichiganHolton192nd Ave and Cleveland Rd10
425470October 3, 2015MichiganDetroit14000 block of Steel Street10
1257514November 16, 2018MichiganMass CityN/A10
259825December 6, 2014MichiganJackson5000 block of Big Rock St10
797622March 18, 2017MichiganPontiac100 block of Wall St10
268784December 25, 2014MichiganDetroit4100 block of Virginia Park10
799191March 20, 2017MichiganGrand Rapids800 Block of Kalamazoo Ave SE10
574632June 7, 2016MichiganDetroit5300 block of Radnor10
270843December 29, 2014MichiganDetroit11200 block of Roxbury St10
833871May 1, 2017MichiganMuskegon1751 Evanston Ave10
921625August 26, 2017MinnesotaMinneapolis (Crystal)5359 W Broadway Ave10
334990May 3, 2015MinnesotaMinneapolis4100 block of Fremont Avenue North10
455601November 29, 2015MinnesotaItasca (county)E. Natures Trail10
1543208November 6, 2019MinnesotaSaint Paul100 block of Annapolis St E10