Accidental Teen Deaths

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1542057October 19, 2019OhioCincinnati2500 block of Mustang Dr10
1198884August 29, 2018OhioCincinnati (Mount Carmel)4200 block of Beechmont Dr10
1113399May 10, 2018IowaClarksvilleN/A10
1191389August 19, 2018TennesseeClarksvilleGranny White Rd10
1128125May 27, 2018WashingtonCle ElumSandy Ridge Rd10
515107February 20, 2016OhioClevelandN/A10
1019020December 31, 2017MississippiClevelandN/A10
1164273July 15, 2018OhioCleveland6500 block of Newman Ave10
221920November 16, 2014ColoradoClifton3200 block of E Rood Circle10
783782February 26, 2017TennesseeClifton2373 Culps Bend Road10
1202290September 1, 2018TennesseeCoffee (county)N/A10
1159109July 7, 2018MissouriColumbia700 block of Hulen Dr10
1462610July 29, 2019PennsylvaniaColumbia102 N 3rd St10
1531063October 19, 2019MissouriColumbia4400 block of Rice Rd10
149598June 3, 2014OhioColumbus1100 block of Oaks Boulevard10
621109August 2, 2016OhioColumbus400 block of E Markison Ave10
889468July 13, 2017MississippiColumbusFlorence St10
978597October 31, 2017MississippiColumbusPoplar St10
1415323June 6, 2019OhioColumbus40 block of W Welch Ave11
1453316July 20, 2019MississippiColumbus2535 Main St10
1600521January 17, 2020GeorgiaColumbus6600 block of Dorsey Dr10
309330March 17, 2015OklahomaComancheHighway 8110
1360810March 30, 2019KansasConcordia120th Rd and River Bottom Rd10
1171386July 24, 2018TexasConroe1100 S Loop 33610
193638September 20, 2014TennesseeCordova9700 block of Woodland Edge Lane10