1-04-2023 Texas Orange 1-0


January 04, 2023

7800 block of Greenwood Dr
Orange, Texas


  • Type: Victim
  • Participant Characteristics:
    • Law Enforcement
  • Name: Corporal Orrin Landers
  • Age Group: Adult 18+
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Injured

Incident Characteristics

  • Shot - Wounded/Injured
  • Accidental Shooting
  • Accidental Shooting - Injury
  • Mistaken ID (thought it was an intruder/threat, was friend/family)
  • Officer Involved Incident
  • Officer Involved Shooting - Officer shot
  • LOCKDOWN/ALERT ONLY: No GV Incident Occurred Onsite


deputy responding to burglary call shot by woman at home; deputy was struck by the projectile and debris from the door but is uninjured, bullet striking bottom of protective vest; local schools briefly locked down as precaution; report may have been false, incident under investigation;

Guns Involved

1 gun involved.

  • Type: Handgun


Congressional District: 14
State Senate District: 3
State House District: 21