12-08-2023 California San Francisco 0-1


December 08, 2023

Washington High School
600 32nd Ave
San Francisco, California


  • Type: Subject-Suspect
  • Age Group: Teen 12-17
  • Status: Unharmed, Arrested

Incident Characteristics

  • Non-Shooting Incident
  • School Incident
  • Gun at school, no death/injury - elementary/secondary school
  • LOCKDOWN/ALERT ONLY: No GV Incident Occurred Onsite


Police notified around 9:30 that a student brought a gun to school, student was injured in a scuffle with a staff member, no gsw; police notified of a second student bringing a gun onto school grounds around 10, weapon was an air gun. Another report of a student with a gun at this time at a different school, unrelated

Guns Involved

1 gun involved.

  • Type: Unknown


Congressional District: 11
State Senate District: 11
State House District: 19