1-11-2024 Louisiana New Orleans 0-1


January 11, 2024

Claiborne Avenue Bridge
4800 block of N Claiborne Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana


  • Type: Subject-Suspect
  • Relationship: Armed Robbery
  • Name: Deiondre Brock
  • Age: 26
  • Age Group: Adult 18+
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: Killed

Incident Characteristics

  • Shot - Dead (murder, accidental, or suicide)
  • Suicide^
  • Officer Involved Incident
  • Officer Involved Shooting - subject/suspect/perpetrator killed
  • Officer Involved Shooting - subject/suspect/perpetrator suicide at standoff
  • Sex crime involving firearm
  • Armed robbery with injury/death and/or evidence of DGU found
  • Possession of gun by felon or prohibited person


Suspect sexually assaulted woman at gunpoint in St. Bernard Parish; Facebook Marketplace sale; then carjacked a vehicle and fled; died from self-inflicted GSW on Judge Seeber Bridge;

Guns Involved

1 gun involved.

  • Type: Unknown


Congressional District: 2
State Senate District: 3
State House District: 99