Last 72 Hours

Incident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
May 23, 2020MichiganDetroitFoley St and Hartwell St01
May 24, 2020MichiganKalamazoo600 block of Ada St01
May 23, 2020MichiganDetroitGilbert St and Otis St01
May 22, 2020MichiganDetroit7200 block of Brace St01
May 23, 2020MichiganGrand RapidsFranklin St SE and Neland Ave SE00
May 23, 2020MichiganDetroitGeorgia St and Erwin Ave10
May 24, 2020MichiganBear Lake4300 block of Potter Rd20
May 24, 2020MichiganDetroitEaton Ave and Outer Dr00
May 24, 2020MichiganDetroitN/A01
May 24, 2020MichiganDetroitChalmers St and Wilfred St00
May 24, 2020MichiganMacomb48607 Presidential Dr01
May 23, 2020MichiganFlint4100 block of Minerva St13
May 24, 2020MassachusettsDorchester17 Harvard Ave01
May 22, 2020MassachusettsHaverhill23 Thorndike St01
May 23, 2020MassachusettsBoston30 Stellman Rd00
May 22, 2020MassachusettsBostonLivingstone St and Blue Hill Ave00
May 22, 2020MassachusettsBostonPowellton Rd00
May 22, 2020MassachusettsBostonGavin Way00
May 24, 2020MarylandBaltimore5100 block of Litchfield Ave10
May 22, 2020MarylandBaltimore4200 block of Norfolk Ave10
May 23, 2020MarylandBaltimore300 block of Collins Ave10
May 23, 2020MarylandBaltimoreN/A01
May 23, 2020MarylandClinton11000 block of Brandywine Rd00
May 23, 2020MarylandBaltimore3500 block of Spaulding Ave10
May 23, 2020MarylandBaltimore2100 block of Baker St10