Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
496684December 31, 2013New YorkBrooklyn60 Glenmore Ave06
572513June 5, 2016New YorkBrooklynMermaid Ave and 16th St.04
579786June 13, 2016New YorkBrooklynAvenue D and E. 57th05
595166July 4, 2016New YorkBrooklyn419 Chauncey St07
613805July 23, 2016New YorkBrooklynFountain Avenue04
671717October 8, 2016New YorkBrooklyn7301 3rd Ave04
723649December 11, 2016New YorkBrooklyn192 Knickerbocker Ave04
916808August 20, 2017New YorkBrooklyn100th St and Ave M04
962155October 17, 2017New YorkBrooklyn181 Martense St04
1061748March 3, 2018New YorkBrooklynKings Highway and Utica Avenue13
1106432May 2, 2018New YorkBrooklyn333 Bristol St14
1156480July 5, 2018New YorkBrooklyn280 Herkimer St04
1321021February 6, 2019New YorkBrooklyn1778 Fulton St13
1440257July 5, 2019New YorkBrooklynElton St and Belmont Ave04
1459718July 27, 2019New YorkBrooklyn1555 Linden Blvd111
1469344August 5, 2019New YorkBrooklyn216 Buffalo Ave04
1525062October 12, 2019New YorkBrooklyn75 Utica Ave43
1586839January 2, 2020New YorkBrooklyn6120 3rd Ave04
182974August 29, 2014FloridaBrooksville820 Peach St31
1558067November 25, 2019FloridaBrownsvilleNW 29th Ave and 44th St22
453317November 22, 2015TexasBrownsville1800 block of FM 80204
761973January 27, 2017TennesseeBrownsville221 Morgan St010
155755July 6, 2014New YorkBuffalo100 block of Erb Street04
334681May 4, 2015New YorkBuffalo100 block of Roosevelt Avenue13
173369August 12, 2014New YorkBuffaloOakmont Ave13