Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
132897May 4, 2014ColoradoWheat Ridge12100 W 44th04
1043447February 5, 2018ColoradoColorado Springs4225 Galley Rd24
529488March 25, 2016ColoradoDenver8501 E. Alameda Avenue04
1277411December 14, 2018ColoradoColorado Springs700 block of Geiger Ct13
224131November 23, 2014ColoradoDenverFederal Boulevard and 16th Avenue14
1126434May 27, 2018ColoradoAurora15373 E 6th Ave13
546818April 24, 2016ColoradoDenver1400 block of 14th Street04
1343274March 10, 2019ColoradoDenver15th St and Market St14
409601September 7, 2015ColoradoDenver1909 Blake Street04
1141108June 14, 2018ColoradoWestminster5150 W 80th Ave13
571859June 4, 2016ColoradoDenver3600 block of Hudson Street31
1389220May 7, 2019ColoradoLittleton (Highlands Ranch)8773 S Ridgeline Blvd18
443652November 7, 2015ColoradoDenverBayaud and Bannock13
1164167July 15, 2018ColoradoDenver50th Ave and Grant St04
623523August 7, 2016ColoradoArvada5400 block of Sheridan Boulevard22
1419305June 11, 2019ColoradoAurora12500 block of E Kansas Pl04
454059November 27, 2015ColoradoColorado Springs3480 Centennial Blvd39
1184607August 11, 2018ColoradoThornton4050 E 100th Ave13
752249January 15, 2017ColoradoCapulinCounty Road Y31
1520499October 6, 2019ColoradoDenver7100 block of Ruth Way04
480104September 15, 2013ColoradoColorado Springs1609 South Nevada05
1200904August 31, 2018ColoradoAurora1900 block of Peoria St23
1017372December 31, 2017ColoradoLittleton (Highlands Ranch)3404 E County Line Rd26
490166June 30, 2013ColoradoAurora2300 block of Paris St04
1258777November 19, 2018ColoradoDenver1200 21st Street14