Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1396491May 15, 2019LouisianaSaint Rose100 block of St. Rose Ave04
1025272January 11, 2018MissouriSaint Robert (St Robert)St Robert Outer Road and Houston Road22
813943April 7, 2017MinnesotaSaint Paul1600 block of English St41
1435217June 28, 2019MinnesotaSaint Paul909 Desoto St05
178006August 18, 2014LouisianaSaint MartinvilleMain and Hyacinth streets04
1438602July 2, 2019MissouriSaint Louis (Wellston)6250 Page Ave04
869474June 13, 2017MissouriSaint Louis (University City)Ferguson Ave and Plymouth Ave04
153648June 29, 2014MissouriSaint Louis2800 block of Dayton04
355267June 9, 2015MissouriSaint LouisNorth Market Street and North Spring Avenue13
357611June 14, 2015MissouriSaint Louis1400 block of North Market Street04
374292July 14, 2015MissouriSaint Louis1100 block of Riverview04
382230July 22, 2015MissouriSaint LouisFair Ave and Ashland Ave06
389149August 4, 2015MissouriSaint Louis2500 block of Semple14
479413January 25, 2013MissouriSaint LouisW Florissant Ave and Riverview Blvd13
479727September 7, 2013MissouriSaint Louis5000 block of Durant Ave13
480661September 22, 2013MissouriSaint Louis3916 North Florissant Road13
487659June 10, 2013MissouriSaint Louis4700 block of Highland Ave06
491734August 9, 2013MissouriSaint Louis4200 block of Kossuth Ave22
491864March 7, 2015MissouriSaint Louis3140 Olive St04
602765July 13, 2016MissouriSaint Louis3000 block of Miami St22
617712July 30, 2016MissouriSaint Louis5000 block of Kensington Ave05
640689August 28, 2016MissouriSaint LouisS Grand Blvd and Montana St22
802240March 24, 2017MissouriSaint Louis5100 block of Palm St16
857443June 1, 2017MissouriSaint LouisBeacon Ave and Lillian Ave31
858810June 3, 2017MissouriSaint Louis1600 Block of Union Blvd22