Mass Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
348673May 28, 2015PennsylvaniaChester2700 block of West 3rd Street13
485885April 28, 2013PennsylvaniaChesterRose and Upland Street13
831201April 28, 2017PennsylvaniaChester5 E 21st St04
965251October 21, 2017PennsylvaniaChester1200 block of W Carlas Ln04
1637520March 10, 2020PennsylvaniaChester200 block of Broomall Street22
491898August 18, 2013South CarolinaChesterfield3217 Center Point Rd14
1505354September 16, 2019WyomingCheyenne3436 E. 11th St22
113214March 8, 2014IllinoisChicago4900 West Race Ave06
127413April 20, 2014IllinoisChicago6600 South Michigan Ave05
130933April 30, 2014IllinoisChicago7200 South Phillips Avenue04
131697May 4, 2014IllinoisChicago500 West Erie Street13
134591May 12, 2014IllinoisChicago3400 West 24th Street04
141382June 1, 2014IllinoisChicagoWest Ferdinand Street and North Lavergne Avenue 15
142076June 2, 2014IllinoisChicago2660 E. 79th St07
157580July 11, 2014IllinoisChicago5200 West Quincy Street13
160488July 19, 2014IllinoisChicago1300 North Mason Avenue04
180018August 24, 2014IllinoisChicago8300 block of South Halsted Street13
222792November 19, 2014IllinoisChicago700 block of North St. Louis Avenue13
267721December 22, 2014IllinoisChicago5700 block of South Green Street05
303659March 9, 2015IllinoisChicago200 block of West 105th13
348620May 28, 2015IllinoisChicago6200 block of South Honore Street05
353037June 6, 2015IllinoisChicago100 block of North Lorel Avenue05
100434January 25, 2014IllinoisChicagoS Union Ave and W 51st St14
104218February 5, 2014IllinoisChicago6740 N Clark St13
122136April 5, 2014IllinoisChicago4300 W Wilcox Street15